Vegan Protein Shake Tasty

Vegan Protein Shake

Vegan Protein Shake

Tomorrow Danza de Fogones turns 4 years old! It seems like yesterday, but so many beautiful things have happened to us thanks to you, the only thing we can say is thank you: for your love, for your support, for your emails, for your comments, for buying our ebooks, for going to our face-to-face workshops, for making our recipes, for sharing the photos on social networks and simply for reading us and for always being there for us.

As thanks, we have two news for you. The first is that we have created a 2 × 1 pack for our books 31 Smoothies and Easy Vegan Cuisine, so that the second comes out at 50% (before each ebook cost 9 euros and now both will cost 13.5 if you buy the pack). This pack will be permanently available. The second is that for our anniversary and also because the day of the book is approaching, we are going to make a 50% discount on all our ebooks, that is, if you buy a book it will cost you 4.5 euros instead of 9 and if you buy the pack, 6.75 instead of 13.5. The 50% discount will only be available until next Friday.

One of the questions that most vegans ask is where do we get protein because unfortunately, many people still associate protein with foods of animal origin. There are many sources of vegetable protein and many people consume a much higher amount of protein than is necessary when eating a diet with foods of animal origin. Excess animal protein is associated with many diseases and health problems.

As you can read in The China Study (the largest nutritional study in history), there are not many cases of protein deficiency and they usually affect people who do not consume enough calories due to malnutrition or eating disorders. It is not necessary to do math, or complicate our lives to obtain enough protein in a vegan diet, it is enough to have a balanced diet (I recommend that you read our entry on What to Eat Being Vegan), nor do you have to be making food combinations to obtain complete proteins in each and every meal. In fact, the longest-lived cultures in the world follow diets high in carbohydrates and low in proteins and fats, live longer, enjoy very good health and are at their ideal weight (as you can read in The China Study , Integral or El Secret of the Blue Zones ).

Having said that, I want to show you a homemade protein shake for all of you who, despite the information there is, are concerned about taking enough protein and especially for athletes or people who need a greater amount. It is 100% homemade and you do not need to add supplements or protein powder and best of all, it is delicious.

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