I am 30 years old and dust… Big dust… Yes good sheep, ok?!, I am greedy, talkative, cheerful, impulsive, overactive of the spatula, greedy, fan of chocolate, in love with caramel fleur de sel (I could eat only that… Really!), greedy, I live in the south (I have the singing accent), I am curious about everything, I love to discover new things, especially if they are eaten (did I tell you that I was greedy?), and I love sharing my discoveries! (Because I’m talkative… In fact this presentation could have been content in two words: greedy and talkative , it’s me!)

In a “different life” I was a girl on a diet … And it was unthinkable for me to suffer any frustration with regard to the plate of Darling (Because remember: I am greedy!). Also I have hollowed my mind to make good little dishes but especially good little desserts! When we can not use carbohydrates or fats, I can assure you that it is quite a challenge!

For me, and for all my “diet friends” with whom I chatted on a forum, I published photos of my meals, gave my recipes…. Hence the idea of ​​the blog: disseminate my recipes more widely to dispel frustration!